TalentGuard Career Resources

Developing a career is a strategic process, not merely an end destination. Little attention is paid to the career development process required to engage in a thoughtful career journey. Many employees are confronted with solid career and life decisions throughout their lifetime with limited opportunities for meaningful career exploration. Career development thus often becomes a reactionary process.

The desired outcome of an employee’s career development efforts is for him or her to have greater career resilience. Career resilience refers to a person’s ability to successfully adapt to career changes (whether initiated by the economy, an organization or oneself), make smart decisions, effectively brand their skills and proactively manage their career.  This resilience is derived from a firm understanding of one’s strengths, goals and ability to adapt to job changes over their lifespan.

Career Resources and Advice

TalentGuard offers career resources, advice and best practices for employees, managers, and human resources personnel with our Talent Management software suite. This new content was designed to maximize the user experience and resources so are easy to find.

Top features of the new website include:

  • Career planning guides. Career planning guides, grouped by areas of interest, to assist staff in exploring topics from assessment to job search.
  • Coaching Strategies. Tools to help managers coach employees on how to understand who they are, what they want to do and how to get there.
  • Resume Samples. Advice on how to create an effective resume and cover letter. We also provide numerous resume samples by job function.
  • Activities in creating flexible careers plans. Worksheets to help you explore your interests, aspirations, career choices, and prepare for an internal job search.