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Performance Management

Measure What Gets Done and Recognize Great Work

Performance Management software

Performance Management Software

Employees have three core needs: engaging work, recognition for doing a great job, and knowing what is going on in the company. TalentGuard’s Performance Management Software is a cloud solution that enables companies to:

  • Share corporate goals to align the organization and focus on results.
  • Support real-time feedback and career development planning.
  • Recognize and reward people based on key performance metrics.
  • Recommend relevant learning resources to stimulate professional growth.

With a robust performance review system, companies can move beyond the “one and done” evaluation process to an efficient and focused strategic talent management program.

TalentGuard’s Approach

Every organization has its own approach to performance management within their company. TalentGuard can support basic employee evaluations and robust programs that include the evaluation of competencies, corporate objectives, role-based skills and development goals. Our performance review software supports a variety of methods to assess the achievement of goals including numeric ratings, descriptive indicators, descriptors, color scales and/or written feedback. TalentGuard’s award-winning, cloud-based Performance Management software fosters an efficient business process now and in the future.

Performance Management Defined

Bersin by Deloitte defines performance management as “the foundational element of any organization’s talent management efforts.  It represents all of the processes that managers use to effectively lead, manage, develop, reward, and assess employees.  In reality, performance management is management. As such, effective performance management is a series of ongoing activities – goal setting and revising, managing and coaching, development planning, rewarding and recognizing – with performance appraisal events interspersed throughout.  Performance management is not something that high-impact organizations “do,” but instead is a way that work gets done.”

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Performance Management Key Features

Assessment Management

Create completely customized assessments, leverage skills and job roles in the framework or modify the pre-defined assessments provided. Assessments can be created in the following sections:

  • Performance
  • Behaviors
  • Job Responsibilities
  • User Profiles
  • Career Paths
  • Succession Plans
  • Development Plans

Assessments support the use of competencies, competency descriptions, indicators, images, and comment boxes.

Feedback and Recognition

Employees and managers are able to solicit feedback from anyone internal or external in the objectives and development plans, in a confidential manner.

Feedback / comments can be provided within the assessment and on the overall review.

Development Planning

Create and manage an employee development plan, based on career aspirations and/or competencies that need to be developed.

Based on an employee’s level of performance or proficiency, developmental activities can be recommended. The manager and the employee can then put the recommended development options in the employee’s development plan.

Development plans can display required training, education, certification(s), and license(s) for a current job role. The development goals can be set up to link directly to courses in the learning management system.


Capture performance throughout the year at a set interval.

Capture performance snapshots at configureable intervals (i.e. monthly or quarterly) to capture performance at a point in time.

An overall performance score / rating can be automatically generated based on the captured snapshots throughout the year. An organization can choose to use this score or allow managers to overwrite it.

Cascading Goals

Establish corporate goals and align them with department, team and individual goals.

The following functionality is available for Cascading Goals:

  • Establish corporate goals and align them to a department, team, or to individuals.
  • Managers can establish and monitor team goals from a single dashboard.
  • SMART metrics can be included to track progress, results, and other activity.
  • Employees can add their own goals.
  • Goals can require management approval.
  • If a goal is added by a manager, employees cannot delete them.
  • A goal management dashboard is provided to all employees.

Dashboards and Reporting

Gain access to valuable information required for day-to-day management and decision making.

The following reports can be generated in a dashboard:

  • Performance Appraisal
  • Employee Performance Scores
  • Core Responsibility Scores
  • Performance Distribution Report
  • Goal Alignment Report
  • Objective Alignment Report
  • Employee Status
  • Rejected Reviews
  • Corrective Action Report

Icons on the manager’s performance management dashboard indicate the status of progress. Administrators can see the dashboards of all managers in the performance management program. In addition, administrators can generate various completion status reports based on participants, managers, and components of the review program. Data can be exported into a PDF and CSV file.

Administrators can customize introductions, report headings, fonts and colors of the reports.

Corrective Action

Create a step-by-step corrective action plan to achieve targeted outcomes for resolution.

Performance rating thresholds can be established for each competency.

If an employee scores below the threshold, the development option is recommended to the manager and the employee. This development option can be populated into the corrective action plan, where it can be monitored by the manager and the employee. In addition, coaches / mentors can be invited into an employee’s development plan to collaborate on accelerated learning to close gaps.

Rating Scale

Customize rating scales to fit organizational requirements.

We support formal ratings or no ratings. The rating scale can include the following:

  • Numbers
  • Labels
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Percentages

The overall rating can be displayed as a number with up to two decimal points.

Performance Management Benefits

Increase Employee Accountability

Exposing job expectations and holding employees accountable for their contributions and decisions result in noticeable improvements in employee engagement, absences, and organizational commitment.

Improve Customer Value

Exceed customer commitments by focusing on and measuring on what’s really important to the business. Managers are able to focus on results and not just behaviors and activities.

Produce Meaningful Insights

Set best practices and consistent benchmarks for comparison based on the results produced in performance programs. This information can be used to direct training, leadership initiatives and diversity programs.

Cultivate a Strategic System-Wide View of the Organization

Using our proprietary competency framework , TalentGuard supports a systems-based approach and helps companies see performance trends for each of the performance management components, such as company objectives.

“TalentGuard’s performance management software is so configurable and easy-to-use. They handled custom requests exceptionally well. They always worked out a solution for our needs with a very fast response and executed it flawlessly! We also like the regular updates.”

– Rob Maddalena – HR Director, Sophos

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