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Development Planning Software

TalentGuard’s Development Planning Software provides the visibility needed to adjust career goals throughout the year. Our tool:

  • Enables employee to track career development goals all year long.
  • Provides managers with visibility into development activities and employee progress, provide real-time feedback and recognize employees.
  • Helps companies facilitates and measure short- and long-term goals across distributed teams for improved agility and more predictable attainment.

TalentGuard’s Approach

TalentGuard’s Development Planning software is designed with employees in mind. Our software enables people to seamlessly engage with managers, coaches, and colleagues through a straightforward and cost-effective tool. Start helping your business succeed by giving managers a social method to interact with employees on a regular basis.

Development Planning Defined

Employee development planning is the process of tracking goals, recognizing employees and monitoring status on a regular basis. For many reasons, this valuable activity is often ignored, done improperly or handled as an afterthought during performance appraisals. As a result, employee dissatisfaction fuels many early exits. Development planning helps employees gain new skills and have more versatile relationships with their manager.

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Development Planning Key Features

Goal Automation

Managers are able to recommend a career development goal, activities and resources for anyone on their team with Development by TalentGuard. In addition, they can track employee goals and see who is on and off target throughout the year and coach employees as needed instead of waiting.

  • Customizable text on the introduction page
  • Intuitive user functionality to create Development Goals
  • Solicit feedback on Development Goals from internal and external stakeholders
  • Auto-date reminder of Development Goal
  • User Development Goal dashboard

Social Feedback

Employees can solicit feedback from many stakeholders, in a confidential manner while others can give them immediate feedback.

Coach Participation

Our solution has been designed by coaches, mentors and those skilled in developing others. External or remote managers and coaches are able to access the system to view progress against plan and monitor development.

Goal Monitoring

An employee’s progress can be monitored automatically for managers giving them current visibility into development plans.

Development Planning Benefits

Set Smart Goals

Create and track goals for performance improvement, career aspirations or personal growth. Make your goals SMART using our goal template.

Record Your Progress

Make journal entries into your goals so that you can map your progress. Established target dates, success factors and list people who can help you achieve goals.

Effective Coaching

Be proactive in soliciting feedback from your manager or others who can comment on your goals. Engage in an on-going dialogue with team members to achieve goals.

Collaborate with Coaches or Mentors

Invite coaches to work with you on the attainment of goals.  Share the details of your development plan and receive effective coaching that makes an impact.

“TalentGuard’s 360 Feedback software enabled us to gather objective assessments about our employees from peers, customers and other stakeholders. This information helped us develop custom career development plans to improve employee skills and focus on real business impact.”

Alicia Barron – Talent Director, HPT Dev Group

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