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Competency Management

The Universal Language for Talent Management

Competency Management

Competency Management Software

TalentGuard’s Competency Manager is a cloud solution that enables companies to:

  • Access thousands of standardized work skills that unify employee behaviors, functional experiences, qualifications and work-style preferences.
  • Enable employees to showcase their skills, experiences, certifications, achievements, aspirations and work history.
  • View skills or jobs in demand internally and identify gaps for professional development.
  • Enhance job profiles by crowdsourcing employee suggestions of new skills and ranking the importance of existing ones.
  • Assess, rank and verify skills by coworkers based on real-world work interactions.
  • Gain insight into an employee’s cultural and job fit through social reviews and assessments.

TalentGuard’s Approach

TalentGuard believes that every successful talent management initiative begins with the right industry-specific competency framework. TalentGuard offers four categories of competencies including core (impact to culture and values), leadership (impact to strategic management skills), functional (impact job families) and technical (impact to the specific job role).

With TalentGuard’s Competency Manager, your HR team can create and access a curated database of skills and job roles. The software allows you to associate accelerators with competencies such as learning resources, interview questions, development goals, and coaching tips. Your company can import 3rd party competencies from companies such as IBM and HRSG, enforce standardization and automatically manage governance and version control.

Competency Management Defined

Competencies are a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities that describe demonstrable indicators of proficiency. They define, in behavioral terms, the skills and experiences people needed to drive the business.

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Competency Management Key Features

Competency Administration

Develop, view and manage detailed competency frameworks and job role profiles for your entire company in a single location.

Competency Assessments

Use the integrated competency assessment to allow employees and managers to do competency-based reviews.

Job Role Builder

Create standardized competency-based job descriptions to use consistently across all of your talent management initiatives.

Competency Import

Use your own Competency Framework, one provided by TalentGuard or a library offered our partners IBM and HRSG. All three libraries can be used in combination to achieve your desired corporate-wide Framework.

Seamlessly Integrated

TalentGuard’s Competency Manager is fully integrated with our entire talent management suite including Performance Management, Career Pathing, Succession Planning and more.

Dashboard and Reporting

Instantly find employees who possess key competencies in your company.  Access reports from your dashboard to view your workforce on many different workforce dimensions.

Competency Management Benefits

Easily Customizable

TalentGuard’s Competency Manager allows for easy customization of competencies and job models that can be rapidly deployed for immediate results.

Brings Transparency into the Organization

Established a common language across a company’s global talent management initiatives. This enables HR to be a driver of job specific business outcomes.

Captures Organizational Intelligence

Captures the expertise of the maturing workforce to build resources that set expectations for the new workforce (millennials and beyond).

Improves Performance and Profitability

Companies experience a 21% and 22% increase in productivity and profitability when employees score in the top quartile for engagement. Having a solid talent framework is the cornerstone of engagement.

Promotes Coaching Conversations

Improve skills and inspire more conversations between employees and managers throughout the entire talent life cycle, including talent acquisition, evaluation, and development.

Supports Industry Specific Competency Models

Utilize custom and industry-recognized skill frameworks to capture employee skill assessments, analyze skill gaps, identify subject matter experts, and create skill based learning programs in line with business strategy.

“It’s never been easier to customize, deploy, and manage competencies. Build a customized, multi-level competency framework affordably and in a fraction of the time with HRSG’s specialized competencies.”


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