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Track Job-Based Certifications and Compliance

Certification Tracking Software TalentGuard

Certification Tracking Software

TalentGuard’s Certification Tracking software offers a reliable solution that enables companies to assess their risk exposure and certification obligations. Use our tool to:

  • Manage, track and report on employee training, licenses and professional development required by employees in their jobs.
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations and contractual obligations required by core business activities.
  • Quickly and accurately provide and verify evidence of certification to vendors and suppliers
  • Communicate status of certifications to all interested parties including employees, managers, legal and human resources.

TalentGuard’s Approach

By the time deadlines near to renew licenses or certification, it’s usually a mad scramble to gather records. Our Certification Tracking Software can help. TalentGuard helps companies in aviation, mining, technology, fitness, healthcare, and insurance manage compliance, reduce the risk of fines and ensure requirements are attained.

We track industry certifications such as OSHA, Flight Safety, Drug Screens, Fire Safety, CPR, Drivers Licenses, Mechanical Equipment Operations, and Technology exams such as CISCO, VMware, Microsoft or IBM.

Certification Tracking Defined

Certification Tracking is the process of centralizing and managing the administration of third-party training required of employees in their designated job role. Companies need a single source for planning and reporting on professional development programs. Tracking certifications online eliminate the need to track massive amounts of paper and resources manually.

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Certification Tracking Key Features

Automatic Alerts

Automatic notifications can be sent to your staff based on certifications that are current, expired or pending.

Certification Assignment

Assign certifications to employees based on their job role.

Talent Profiles

View all employee profiles based on individual certifications, certification types or by the individual employee.

Certification Management

Add unlimited certification categories and types under each category based on your organizations needs. Set optional and mandatory learning requirements or certification options per certification area.

Staff Self-Service 

Staff can have the ability to update their own certification records, training, status dates and renewals.


Employees and managers can share and get feedback all year long on each certification.

Learning Roadmaps

Assign a single training course or a series of courses to complete to obtain certification or a credential.

Development Plans 

Track and update training goals that pertain to certifications, licenses and certificates. Staff and managers can add unlimited development goals throughout the year to keep track of projects.

Data Retention with Import and Export

Maintain a historical record within the system for all employees. Administrators have the ability to import and export data for further analysis.

Bulk Editing

Easily update bulk records including certification type, valid to and valid from dates for all or specific employees.

File Uploads and Search

Employees, managers and administrators can upload certificates and other paperwork to support requirements and prove compliance. Use the search feature to locate specific employees and more.

Audit Tracking

Generate real-time audits and generate reports based on upcoming, pending, and expiring certifications.

Certification Tracking Benefits

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Critical mistakes can sneak up on you, wreaking havoc on your operation. With the right certification tracking solution, you won’t be caught unaware. By having timely access to certification and training information, you can produce reports instantly.

Improve Record-keeping

By automating many aspects of your certification and training programs, the software improves the accuracy of your records and results.

Reduce Administrative Work

Many companies have difficulty handling the amount of paperwork they are given to complete in a single day. Not only are they stuck filling in lengthy spreadsheets, but they spend numerous hours each day copying over training data and certification requirements. Automation saves a significant amount of time since it allows employees and HR to focus on what is important.

Improve Process Effectiveness

Formalize the evaluation process by using your company’s calendar performance management review cycles.

“Certification Tracking is an easy-to-use tool that helps keep our company informed about mandatory and supplemental professional development requirements.”

-Adriana Hook – Managing Director, National Society of Career Management

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