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Solicit Employee Insights for Professional Development

360 Degree Feedback Software

TalentGuard’s 360 Degree Feedback software helps employers gain valuable insight into an employee’s potential and performance. Our tool:

  • Helps employees increase self-awareness, better understand strengths, uncover blind spots, and improve skills.
  • Guides managers in providing important feedback to employees and coaching them to higher levels of performance.
  • Accurately gathers multi-rater feedback, measures leadership potentials, and benchmarks participants on a variety of dimensions.

TalentGuard’s Approach

TalentGuard’s 360 Degree Feedback Software collects feedback from multiple sources to provide a more objective view of a participant’s strengths and weaknesses. Employees can gain valuable insight into how their behavior is perceived by different groups across the organization. Our software can automatically recommend personalized development options for each competency included in the report.  The software creates a detailed individual development plan with a list of achievable learning outcomes to improve skills. Employees and managers have access to this plan, along with assigned coaches or mentors.

360 Degree Feedback Defined

360 Degree Feedback is a process that helps employees solicit confidential feedback from a variety of people who work in close collaboration with them. In a 360 Degree Feedback review, an employee completes a self-assessment and input is solicited from an employee’s manager, peers, and direct reports. Information can also be gathered from customers and suppliers.

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360 Degree Feedback Key Features

Unlimited Participants

Invite an unlimited number of participants for each 360 degree feedback review. Feedback can be requested of both internal and external stakeholders. Invitation can be sent to peers, customers, vendors, and others to get true 360 degree feedback.

Multiple Rating Scales

Organizations can set up an unlimited number of rating scales and formats, such as numerical or Behavior Anchored Rating Scales (BARs).

  • Create Behavioral Anchored Ratings Scales (BARS) and Likert scales
  • Easy-to-use functionality to create own rating scales
  • Unlimited number of rating scales
  • For each scale, define number of scale points, scale names, descriptions, and stems

Benchmark Data

With our benchmarking feature, we provide the following functionality:

  • Automatically create a per question and respondent group level average of scores provided for a given preview program
  • Use benchmark data in personal reports as a comparison set
  • Create a benchmark data set from a Participants score set
  • Run and create adhoc group reports at Competence level
  • Export and import benchmark data sets

Competency Management

We offer you flexibility when it comes to your competency library. Our three options include

  • Use TalentGuard’s integrated behavioral competency and modify it based on your needs
  • Use your own custom competency library
  • Use a third-party competency library

Reviewer Groups

360 Degree Feedback by TalentGuard offers an incredible reviewer experience that makes it easy to provide the necessary information.

  • Home page functionality to amend name, password, and photo
  • Sequence of web pages for users to complete questionnaires
  • An offline PDF creation option
  • Customizable link that directs users to additional materials
  • Ability to view and hide current rating scale
  • Optional visual indication for “reverse” questions
  • Indicator of mandatory questions to be completed
  • Enforces completion of all mandatory questions before submission
  • Optional record of review feedback provided

Report Management

Our 360 Degree Feedback tool enables you to run a variety of reports including overall review status and top 10 requested reviewers

  • Overall review status
  • Top 10 requested reviewers
  • Outstanding Invitations Report
  • Participant Progress Status Report
  • Moderator Status Report
  • Overall Completion Status Report

Unlimited Assessments

You can create an unlimited number of 360 Degree Feedback questionnaires to meet the needs of your organization.

You can create an unlimited number of 360 degree feedback questionnaires to meet the needs of your organization.

  • End-user functionality to create questionnaires
  • Unlimited no of questionnaires
  • Version controlling & Audit trail
  • Multiple report introduction
  • Default rating scale and rating scale per competence
  • Preview by respondent group
  • Make questions mandatory, free text, ‘active’, ‘key, ‘reverse’
  • Assign an optional color and graphic for each competence to be used in the final report
  • Development options (links) can be specified by question and optionally included in Personal Reports based on users’ score

Respondent Groups

Define how you want respondent groups to work and customize functionality to meet the needs of your company:

  • Utilize up to 10 respondent groups
  • Define name of respondent groups
  • Define, enable, and disable e-mails per respondent groups
  • Create score ranges and averages per respondent groups
  • Define anonymity and confidentiality settings by respondent group


The platform provides the following functionality:

  • Allow Participants to select raters for review and approval by a Moderator
  • Import Participant list
  • Import Participant and raters
  • Allow reviewer decline option
  • Require review content approval option
  • Specification of program milestones
  • Automatic generation of e-mails in accordance with milestones
  • Create saved workflow setting profiles for re-use
  • Manually select/multi-select users to be reminded
  • Produce interim report prior to close of program
  • Exclude bias feedback
  • Close review to prevent further feedback and produce reports
  • Generate benchmark data and produce final reports upon completion

360 Degree Feedback Benefits

Increase Self Awareness

Solicit feedback from many stakeholders to gather balanced information on an employees strengths and areas for improvement.  Providing a report to the employee with the collective feedback of the stakeholders helps them gain insight into their behavior.

Improve Accountability and Performance

Uncover an employees strengths and limitations so that the creation of a custom career development plan can be created. Improving skills and developing strengths is important for personal growth and company success.

Promotes Dialogue and Coaching

Increase communication and trust with managers and other team members by focusing on developmental feedback.  Assessing behavior instead of results enables people to dialogue openly and promotes a coaching culture.

Encourages Personal Development

Provide a starting point for employees to develop new skills and improve behaviors. Custom development plans provide employees with recommendations and learning resources to encourage accountability and ownership over their future.

“TalentGuard’s 360 Degree Feedback assessment tool is powerful. The Customer Success department was tremendously supportive in answering my questions on the various ways to configure different assessments. Their willingness to create new how-to videos and validate my questions regarding the process is second to none. They helped me every step of the way from training to launch. They are marvelous!”

Annette Wright – Managing Director, SouthPort Services Group

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