Effective talent management is the gateway to employee engagement and retention.

TalentGuard offers a robust competency-based Talent Management Software suite. Our talent management technology amplifies your company’s ability to make informed, predictive decisions about your workforce. The SaaS solution focuses on the vital areas of human resources including: performance management, 360 degree feedback, career pathing, succession planning, development planning and certification tracking. It is unmatched in its ability to engage/retain talent while building transparency for the employee and ensuring a significantly higher level of predictability in achieving career goals.

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Performance Management

Optimize Your Workforce and Empower Employees with Performance Management Software

TalentGuard’s Performance Management software is designed to improve employee engagement and business results. Our solution helps companies move beyond the “once and done” review process that fosters rank and pay discussions.

TalentGuard’s innovative Performance Management software fosters an efficient and focused business process that provides qualitative and quantitative insight during the performance conversation, delivers agile goal setting and supports ongoing feedback, coaching and development.

Our software includes an employee evaluation based on key behaviors, varied job functions or general work competencies. The software helps align employee goals with organizational objectives to drive reward decisions and employee development planning.

We give you employee evaluation tools to build accountability and responsibility across the company, enable consistent and continuous feedback and help employees take ownership of their professional development.

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Career Pathing

Engage Employees with Career Pathing Software

TalentGuard’s Career Pathing software enables employees access information on lateral and promotional possibilities within the company.

Employees can select job roles of interest, assess skill gaps, create custom development plans, and enroll in training to gain required skills. Employees are able to understand the knowledge, skills, experiences, qualifications and preferences that are required to progress up, down or across the organization.

Developing a self-directed career path helps employees prepare for the future. They can explore career options by department, grade and location, share their career interests with management and indicate their aspirations for specific roles.

Our career mapping solution creates clear paths for advancement so that HR can help grow in-house talent, improve employee retention and make recruiting much more effective.

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Succession Planning

Ensure Your Next Generation of Leaders is Ready with Succession Planning Software

TalentGuard’s Succession Management software enables organizations to identify and develop internal talent with the potential to fill critical leadership positions in the company.

TalentGuard’s Succession Planning software helps you identify the right talent without overestimating or underestimating their potential. It enables you to make crucial hiring and promotion decisions.

Our succession planning approach enables you to identify critical roles across the leadership pipeline and search for talent based on detailed criteria. This criteria can provide you with information regarding role readiness, flight risk, and development time lines for each employee.

Our software manages the process for recognizing, developing, and retaining top talent. With ready talent pools, companies are able to respond quickly to company and competitive changes.

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360 Degree Feedback

Solicit Employee Insights for Professional Development with 360 Feedback Software

TalentGuard’s 360 Degree Feedback software helps to improve employee performance by enabling employees to see different perspectives of their skills and behaviors from individuals in their immediate work circle.

TalentGuard’s 360 Degree Review tool aggregates and collates feedback from a variety of sources into a single document for the individual to review. An analysis of the report highlights key strengths and development areas and automatically serves up available training resources to close skill gaps.

Managers can use this information to make more objective decisions about pay increases and promotions. Organizations can use 360 feedback to benchmark and compare employees, divisions, and roles to better understand organizational development needs.

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Development Planning

Foster Feedback and Recognition with Employee Development Planning Software

TalentGuard’s Development Planning software fosters employee goal planning, training, career coaching and recognition all year long.

TalentGuard’s Development Planning software enables companies to invest in the short and long-term career and professional development of their employees.

This software solution supports the ongoing process of ensuring that employees remain current on job role competencies. Managers are able to track progress in achieving development goals, as well as share and solicit feedback from peers and other stakeholders year-round with regards to progress. Managers are also able to recognize employees for the attainment of results.

Our solution enables organizations to invite internal and external coaches into the career development process to facilitate progress.

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Certification Tracking

Manage Continuing Ed and Professional Development with Certification Tracking Software

TalentGuard’s Certification Tracking helps companies manage, track and report on employee training, continuing education and professional development efforts.

TalentGuard’s Certification Tracking is a professional development solution enabling companies to plan, track, manage and report on continuing education activities and programs.

Our software automates the professional development process including mandatory training for specific job roles, reminding employees when training is due, alerting managers about training needs and reporting on course completion.

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