Linda Ginac is a world-renown speaker, author, coach and advocate of corporate talent management transformation. As CEO of TalentGuard, part of her job is to inspire audiences with concrete best practices that give human resource professionals the knowledge and tools they need to transform their workforce.


  • Linda Ginac named Texas Blazing Star Finalist for the Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Linda Ginac named 2007 Woman of the Year in Business by the YWCA
  • Linda Ginac named winner of the 2007 Profiles in Power awards for Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal
  • Linda Ginac is recognized as top 5 finalist in Business and Entrepreneur category in the Austin Under 40 Awards


  • Business Coach on America’s Fittest CEO Reality TV Series

Conferences & Speaking Engagements

  • 2014 SHRM Talent Management Conference – 6 Steps to Improving Employee Retention
  • 2013 HRSouthwest Conference – Career Pathing: How to Build a Career Development Framework to Increase Employee Retention
  • 2013 National Sales Network – 10 Tips to Building a Strong Brand on Linked-in
  • 2013 Austin Technology Council – Strategies to Help CFO’s Brand Themselves for Growth
  • 2013 HR.Com – 6 Steps to Improving Employee Retention
  • 2013 HR.Com – 5 Tips to Help Managers Provide Actionable Feedback
  • 2013 HR.Com – The Importance of Building a Career Pathing Framework
  • 2013 HR.Com – The Importance of Internal Mobility to a Succession Plan, and Integrated Talent Management Strategy
  • 2013 New Horizons – 12 Steps to Achieving the Career of Your Dreams
  • 2013 TalentGuard Webcast – 7 Ways to Encourage the Adoption of Effective Talent Management Practices
  • 2013 TalentGuard Webcast – 5 Strategies to Conquer Your Performance Management Program
  • 2013 TalentGuard Webcast – Making Performance Management More Manageable and Less Maddening
  • 2013 TalentGuard Webcast – 3 Tips to Get Executives Bought into Career Planning
  • 2013 TalentGuard Webcast – 5 Common Mistakes Made in 360 Degree Feedback Surveys
  • 2013 TalentGuard Webcast – 6 Succession Strategies to Develop Managers with a Global Mindset
  • 2012 HR.Com – Implementing Social Performance Management
  • 2012 HR.Com – Implementing and Effective Performance Management Program
  • 2012 HR.Com – Why All Managers Should be Career Coaches
  • 2012 – Austin Human Resources Management Association and Central Texas Compensation and Benefits Association -How to Build an Effective Performance Management Process
  • 2011 AHRMA  – Building an Effective Performance Management Program
  • 2011 Institute for Human Resources (IHR) – Internal Mobility and Succession Planning, an Integrated Approach; Building an Effective Performance Management Program
  • 2011 ExecSense – Difficult Conversations with your Board, Investors, or Executives; Difficult Conversations for Marketing Executives
  • 2011 Talent Management Executives South Central – Succession Planning and Career Pathing
  • 2011 Texas Wall Street Women – Work/Life Balance
  • 2011 RISE – Top 10 Things Entrepreneurs Miss when Starting a New Venture
  • 2010 Texas Wall Street Women – The “S” Factor – 9 Breakthrough Strategies of Super Successful Women
  • 2010 Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce – What’s Your Story?  Personal Branding Strategies
  • 2009 Executive Women in Texas Government – Executive Communication for Women
  • 2008 National Career Pathing Conference: Engaging and Retaining Your Workforce Through Career Planning Development
  • 2007 Careers Conference Speaker: Building Futures that Work

Television Interviews

  • Linda Ginac on Finding Career Passion. Keye Interview
  • Linda Ginac on Nine networking mistakes that could ruin your chances of landing a job. Fox Interview
  • Linda Ginac offers tips for new college graduates entering a tough job market. Fox Interview
  • Jobs are hard to come by in this economy. Many can’t find work in their field so, they look for anything that brings in a paycheck. However, some people are being told they have too much experience. Fox Interview
  • Katherine Kisel interviews Linda Ginac about how to beat stress during tough times. Fox Interview
  • Linda Ginac shares the top ten best home-based professional jobs for stay-at-home mothers, single mothers, college students and anyone requiring a flexible schedule. Fox Interview
  • A resume is a central part of looking for a job but career architect Linda Ginac says it’s possible for job seekers to come down with a case of resume addiction. Fox Interview
  • Linda Ginac talks about Off-Beat Job Search Techniques to Get Noticed: Fox Interview
  • Beware of Job Scams warns Linda Ginac. Fox Interview
  • Fox calls Linda Ginac, “a career coach master” as she discusses  how to recycle your skills in the worst of economic times. Fox Interview
  • Fox’s Katherine Kisiel talks to Linda Ginac about where to network for a job in troubled times. Fox Interview
  • Master Career Architect – Linda Ginac discusses strategies for bouncing back after an involuntary layoff. Fox Interview
  • Linda Ginac discusses effective tips for mastering the job fair interview to land the perfect job. Fox Interview  
  • K-EYE nightly news featured Linda Ginac in an all exclusive special. Ginac is shown how she has helped mothers return to the workforce. You can read the article or watch it for yourself.   K-Eye Interview



  • Austin Business Journal: A successful Career Requires Stepping of out of your Comfort Zone
  • Austin Business Journal: Rightsizing: Small Business Face Challenges Hiring Too Many, Not too Few
  • Austin Business Journal: Changing Course: In a Downturn, Many Consider Going Back to School


  • Examiner.Com: Common, Quirky and Downright Bold Job Hunting Techniques for College Students
  • Gannet Online: Overcoming Failed Company Syndrome
  • Gannet Online: Surviving Career Change
  • Gannet Online: Career Resilience: Are you in control of your career or is your career in control of you?
  • Gannet Online: Career Counseling is a Valuable Benefit for Employees
  • Gannet Online: The Importance of Telling a Good Story in an Interview
  • Gannet Online: Believe It or Not: How far would you go to land your next job?
  • Gannet Online: Sell the Product – You
  • Gannet Online: Career Success After Injury
  • Forbes Magazine Online: Linda is interviewed for an article on making 2007 Career Resolutions
  • Linda Ginac becomes a national mentor for Make Mine a $Million Business, a program providing a combination of money, mentoring and marketing tools that women entrepreneurs need to help grow their businesses to a million dollars and beyond.
  • National Career Development Association: Top Ten Career Counseling Questions
  • Ten Strategies for Dual Career Couples

White Papers

  • Identify Career Issues & Goals
  • Understand Career Possibilities
  • Investigate Career Choices
  • Select the Perfect Career
  • Develop a Career Road Map
  • Expand Your Knowledge and Talents
  • Create a Job Search Plan
  • Craft Your Transition Story
  • Develop Proven Communication Tools
  • Prepare for Stellar Interviews
  • Build or Expand Your Network
  • Manage Your Career
  • How to Become a Career Coach

Linda’s Recently Published Articles:

  • Dealing with Stress Related to Sexual Identity within the Workplace
  • Dealing with Age Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Strategies for Balancing your Career and Personal Life
  • Keep Disability Roadblocks from Standing in the Way of your Career path
  • How to Overcome Red Flags in your Background when Applying for New Work


  • Colorado Human Resource Association – The Advisor – Prevent Your Career From Being a Series of Accidents


  • Final Judge for Stevie Awards supporting Women in Business
  • Advisor on HR.Com’s Talent Management Advisory Board
  • VP of Marketing, VP Programs, VP Membership for Women of Visionary Influence – Austin
  • Board Member of American Cancer Society, Plainsville Area
  • Chairwoman of Cattle Baron’s Ball Austin
  • President-Elect, President, Past-President, VP of Marketing and VP of PR of the Young Women’s Alliance
  • Chairwoman, Marketing VP, Programs VP for Austin Under 40
  • PR Chair, National Career Development Association
  • Marketing Chair, PR Chair, Silent Auction Chair for LifeWorks Annual Gala
  • Mentor for Make Mine a Million in partnership with American Express
  • Marketing Chair for St. Gabriel’s Catholic School