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Learning Management System

TalentGuard’s Learning Management software helps companies to:

  • Recommend and search for learning options based on an employee’s job profile, performance review, 360-degree feedback and career path.
  • Publish and deliver training in a variety of formats including classroom, online, and mobile learning.
  • Administer, track, deliver and report on course progress in an efficient manner.

TalentGuard’s Approach

TalentGuard’s Learning Management software helps companies move beyond the static catalog of course offerings that employees sift through to identify courses that help them close skill gaps. Our self-service solution allows employees, supervisors, instructors and training managers to publish courses, access information, enroll in classes, and report on progress. With automated notifications of upcoming training, we simplify ease the burden of tracking and approving hundreds of courses and tuition reimbursements.

Learning Management Defined

Learning Management is a process designed to help an organization administer relevant training courses to employees in an efficient manner. Learning management plays an important role in employee engagement and company performance. Managing training requirements is an administrative nightmare with information dispersed throughout the entire company.  Modern companies track learning efforts in a centralized location using software. This can transform the learning process from a highly manual and time-consuming experience to one that is automated, powerful and engaging.

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Learning Management Key Features

Course/Curriculum Management

The LMS manages course offerings, class enrollments and printing of completion certificates.  Course attributes can be assigned as needed and include course name, type, grading scale, credits, CEU hours, renewal frequency and more.

We provide easy course and curriculum management for employees and administrators:

  • Pre-requisites can be defined by course and availability can be restricted by company.
  • Create a curriculum or certification program within a course catalog.
  • Customize certification templates.
  • Students can access their requirements, current enrollments, history/transcripts, certifications and more.
  • Administrators and other designees can create and manage multiple learning plans.
  • Courses can be automatically assigned based on employee attributes.
  • Waitlist functionality is provided and based on capacity in the classroom.
  • Due dates can be assigned for course completion.
  • Students can attempt to complete a course multiple times and all activity is tracked until completion.

Blended Learning

Course delivery methods include web-based, instructor-led, virtual classroom, self-paced and more. These delivery methods can be used in combination to enhance the learning experience for students.

We offer you flexibility when it comes to designing your courses.

  • Support for many file formats including DOC, PDF, RTF, GIF, PPT, URL and more.
  • Pre-requisites can be assigned to each course.


Our scheduling system can display required and optional training, enrollments and history. Managers can see all outstanding requirements for employees based on the date needed in the online calendar.

Our technology provides the following scheduling features:

  • Calendar can display required training, optional training, enrollments and history.
  • Managers can have access to the calendars of their direct reports.
  • Instructors can display all of their course offerings via the “start date”.
  • Students can enroll directly from the calendar or catalog.

Assessment / Evaluations

Our assessment functionality enables employees to see what they scored per answer and an overall test grade. Pre- and post-assessments capabilities are offered to help the employee understand learning gaps and knowledge acquired during the course. All hours and scores are tracked for reporting purposes.

Many options exist to solicit learning progress and skill development.

  • Employees can review the results of their test performance by individual question and overall score.
  • When students pass a test, they get credit for the course and it applies toward hours/CEUs.
  • Test questions and answers are configurable and multiple formats are supported.
  • Students can provide input and evaluations on the class for future improvements.

Resource / Content Management

For each class, several attributes can be assigned including physical location, capacity, date/time, materials, cost and more. Pre-requisite, course approval and notifications can be configured for each learning option.

Ability to manage unlimited content and class resources.

  • Email alerts can be sent in bulk to all students enrolled in a course.
  • Enrollment approval can be added to the course/class as needed.

Reporting / Workflow

The learning management system includes a SQL reporting tool that allows for robust analytics.  Standard reports are also included that can be modified depending on your training needs. Various notifications and approvals can be configured to streamline the entire learning cycle.

With performance dashboards, gain access to valuable information required for day-to-day management and decision making:

  • Display and print various reports based on class completion, status and more.
  • Generate custom reports based on the learning needs of your company.
  • Access data and analytics on scores and training hours.
  • Ensure compliance by having certification requirements at your fingertips

Learning Management Benefits

Centralize Learning

With an LMS, organizations can store information in a centralized location and ensure consistency across all learning assets.  Information can be delivered 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Simplify the Learning Process

The learning process is catered to the business and the individual student. The system tracks, records, documents and reports on all blended learning activities in a centralized manner.

Provide Intelligent Insights

The LMS can gauge the learning progress of employees and quickly adapt the learning plan based on individual and group outcomes. This data can be used in the creation of future learning plans.

Save Time and Money

Delivery of online learning saves time and money for students and instructors.  Administrative costs, travel and instructor fees are reduced while more people have access to courseware.

“Coordinating the learning requirements for my company was an administrative nightmare. We have teams geographically dispersed and it was difficult to track everything using spreadsheets and email. TalentGuard’s LMS offers a simple solution to manage and track all employee learning management needs in a centralized location while providing the management team with insight into the organizational development needs of the company.”

– Alicia Barron – Talent Development and Learning Manager, Caboh

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