iVenture Solutions Case Study: Building a Strong Technical Team with a Clear Career Path

iVenture Solutions is a premium IT services and solutions provider with locations in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida. Since 2000, they have delivered Managed Services, Strategic Consulting, Help Desk, Cloud, and Security offerings to their clients. With a team of dedicated IT specialists, iVenture Solutions securely and efficiently delivers their IT services so that their clients can focus on running their businesses. iVenture Solutions has grown steadily since its inception, and expects to double in size in the next three years.


The Challenge

As a premium services and solutions provider, iVenture Solutions prides itself on delivering the best quality IT services from both technical and customer service standpoints. With the unemployment rate in IT being less than 2%, this Florida-based IT company must have a strong technical staff that can be promoted from within to fill a variety of departmental needs. Without such a team, the firm would be required to look outside the company to fill key positions, which means higher salary costs and a more specialized workforce than is suited to serve the broad technical needs of a managed service provider.

In an ever-changing IT industry, finding the right talent is a difficult task. This industry is filled with employees that are specialists in one area of technology but lack the general experience in other areas. Determining which employees possess which combination of skills requires a broad-level team view, an objective way to measure skills and experience, and a simple method for addressing skill shortages and gaps. iVenture Solutions’ Director of People Operations, Jennifer Korsun, explains this talent challenge. “They [IT employees] usually know one type of technology such as servers or desktop really well but then they don’t have any experience in networking and security. Being a managed service provider and dealing with a variety of clients and networks, our team has to know a little bit about a lot. They need to be generalists and these types of candidates are harder to find.”


Without transparency and visible career paths, employees also find it difficult to address these issues on their own. “It is often a little fuzzy for employees to understand the specific skills and qualifications they need in order to advance in their careers,” added Korsun.


The Solution

Understanding that development of their team is vital to their success, iVenture Solutions found and started using TalentGuard’s Career Pathing software in 2015. “We were looking for a solution that could track employee development progress and allow our employees to build out a career path for themselves. We wanted a tool that could give them a clear picture of their gaps so they knew what to work on to get them to that next step in their career. TalentGuard was the best solution I found,” said Korsun.

TalentGuard’s Career Pathing software not only solved iVenture Solutions employee development and growth challenge but also allows their employees to see all of the positions they have available to them within their company. iVenture Solutions’ employees now have a clear picture of the different skills and qualifications they must possess in order to move into other roles within their company.
“One of the features that I like best about TalentGuard is that you can include a link next to the skill on the employee’s Talent Profile that can take the employee right to our technical training site to give them more information on the skill in question,” said Korsun. “Employees [now] can access the software at any time, know where they stand from a technical standpoint and what they need to do to get to that next step.”


The Results

Since iVenture Solutions began using TalentGuard’s Career Pathing software they have seen an increase in employees taking ownership of their development, which converted into an increase in employee engagement and retention. “We have seen a huge uptick in performance since rolling this out,” said Korsun. “Employees have been much more driven to achieve their certifications and labs because they know that if they do, they have the opportunity to move up and advance.”


“We have really been able to fill technical gaps in the company as well,” added Korsun. “By our employees increasing their skills, knowledge, and abilities this helps fill skills gaps within our company so that we are able to move internal employees into open positions rather than hiring from externally. We [already] have been able to promote six employees who have met the skills and qualifications within TalentGuard.”

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Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Type: Information Technology & Services

Web: www.iventuresolutions.com

Employees: 51-200 employees across three locations

“Employees can access the software at any time, know where they stand from a technical standpoint and what they need to do to get to that next step.”

Jennifer Korsun

Director of People Operations

iVenture Solutions