Championing Career Management: Preventing Talent Hoarding

The work environment is not what it used to be. Gaps in talent are widening, with more than 90% of companies believing they have skill gaps, and younger talent want their future role now. Career management strategies have demonstrated how to ‘kill two birds with one stone’; however, management seems to pose a threat to the success of these approaches. Managers do not want to lose their talent and are practicing what is known as ‘talent hoarding.’ In this webinar you will learn how to recognize and prevent talent hoarding, and become a champion to your employees’ career development goals.

July 10 | 12:00pm CST

Linda Ginac – CEO, TalentGuard
Angie Cross – Recruiting and Onboarding Manager, TalentGuard

Mind the Gaps: Defining Comparable Skills and Ensuring Pay Equity

Imagine a workforce in which all employees were paid fairly based on their skills, performance and contributions, instead of their race, gender and other factors. How can this utopian society exist? Pay equity is unfortunately an uncommon occurrence among our modern day and age, but many organizations are taking the necessary steps to make this a reality. In this webinar, you will learn how to identify and define the skills that exist within your organization, how to tie those skills into performance and outcomes, and how to take those results to compensate your employees fairly.
April 16 | 12:00pm CST

Sherwin Kelly – Director of Product Management, TalentGuard
Glizcel Ditto – Senior Consultant, Curo

Career Pathing and Talent Mobility: Driving Engagement and Performance

Career pathing is a powerful tool for companies looking to drive worker engagement and performance, but how can companies make use of this innovative practice? In this webcast, participants will learn about critical aspects of talent mobility, why this matters to talent leaders, and how companies are putting this practice into action to support business objectives.

In addition, the speakers will also highlight several case studies of companies that are successful across a variety of industries and company sizes. From the micro conversation of how to coach managers to support worker mobility to the macro conversation of how this impacts the business, you don’t want to miss this in-depth discussion of one of today’s hottest talent practices.

February 27 | 12:00pm CST

Linda Ginac – CEO, TalentGuard
Ben Eubanks – Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

The Aging of an Industry: Closing Skill Gaps During Generational Change

Twenty-five percent of insurance professionals are expected to retire within the next few years. The shift in talent is leaving a projected 400,000 positions unfilled by 2020, creating a deficit in skills needed to remain competitive. A new approach to talent acquisition and retention strategies is a must for insurance companies to attract and retain the next generation of employees and close the gaps left by this generational change. In this webinar, you will learn how to close skill gaps and develop a workforce focused on building their career at your organization.

February 19 | 11:00am CST

Hosted By:
Insurance Council of Texas

Linda Ginac – CEO, TalentGuard


CHRO Exchange | Nov 17-19 | Scottsdale, AZ

UNLEASH World | Oct 22-23 | Paris, France

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HR Technology Conference & Expo | Oct 1-4 | Las Vegas, NV

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OHUG 2019 | June 9-12 | Fort Worth, TX

Retaining Talent By Personalizing Career Development

From Insurance to Financial Services to Information Technology, turnover is a critical problem facing organizations. Unhappy employees leave their companies to find new opportunities where they can develop their career, learn new skills and take part in exciting and challenging work. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to begin the transformation to a continuously developing workforce. Find out how to identify and close skill gaps, engage employees in meaningful work, and build personalized career experiences tailored to employees’ career aspirations.

June 10 | 3:30pm-4:30am CST

Andy Najjar – Director of Business Development, TalentGuard

UNLEASH America | May 14-15 | Las Vegas, NV

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2019 SIOP Conference | April 4-6 | National Harbor, MD

Panel Discussion:

Demonstrating the Impact of Competency Modeling in Organizations

Competencies are the foundation to building strong talent management initiatives, as they help provide a common language across HR. Thus, it’s important to measure the impact of a competency modeling project. This session will identify key success indicators of competency modeling and examples of how organizations have assessed their impact.

April 5 |11:30am-12:50pm EST

Linda Ginac – TalentGuard

Nora Adams – SunTrust Banks

Debora D. Mitchell – Sprint

Alyssa Castillo – Sprint

Kellie Black – ArcBest

Chris L. Lovato – IBM

John C. Howes – IBM

VBAConnect 2019 | March 11-13 | Williamsburg, VA

HR Breakout Topic:

Adapting the Banking Workforce to the Digital Area

With unemployment in the U.S. reaching near historic lows, banks are struggling to fill critical positions essential to their digital transformation strategies. Rapid changes in technology and evolving talent demographics are forcing banks to build adaptive workforces and cultivate new skills not traditional to the sector. Institutions are beginning to proactively focus on short- and long-term career development to close the growing skills gap. In this session, you will learn how to cultivate talent from within to improve employee engagement and retention. We will explore best practices in skills assessment, career pathing and personal growth to meet the technological demands of the digital era.

March 13 | 9:00am-10:00am EST

Linda Ginac – CEO, TalentGuard