Talent Management Consulting Services

TalentGuard provides a complete range of consulting services to help companies create award-winning employee engagement programs. We help companies envision, improve and deploy talent strategic talent management programs in the areas of:

Career Pathing

TalentGuard has over a decade of experience designing and implementing career pathing programs. We build custom career pathways that provide insight into the critical skills, experiences and qualifications employees for future job roles within your organization.

  • Design Career Lattices – We create the ladder/lattice diagrams by arranging job titles on a grid and establishing the relationships between jobs in the career. This can be done for the entire organization, across departments, or within a specific job function.
  • Develop Role Definitions – We identify numerous dimensions of each job that is important to incorporate into a career ladder/lattice. A significant amount of information can be gathered about each job that you would like to include in your ladder/lattice.
  • Define Critical Developmental Experiences – TalentGuard will identify the critical developmental experiences (CDEs) that your employees should seek out as they prepare to move from one career or job to another. CDEs represent important competency and skill differences between jobs in a career.
  • Create Visual Road Maps – We will develop visually appealing road maps that can be easily accessed on the Web or company Intranet. Over the years, we’ve envisioned numerous simple models to the award-winning designs.

Performance Management

TalentGuard designs performance management programs based on new or existing competencies and indicators to assess your staff’s capabilities. Performance management models create a systematic process for your organization to align individual goals with company success. Employee motivation and productivity increase when employees know how to meet performance objectives. When your team knows where they stand, you can improve it. TalentGuard will create procedures, resource materials, training materials and programs, employee communications plans, and high-potential leadership development programs.

  • Design Performance Appraisal Systems – We create and design performance appraisal systems based on industry best practices and your corporate culture. We can assist with identifying competencies per job function, create forms, and implement an employee communications campaign.
  • Create Performance Improvement Systems – We have implemented numerous performance improvement systems that have replaced old-school, corrective action policies. Organizations have benefited from reduced disciplinary actions and absenteeism, improved productivity, and less wrongful terminations, lawsuits, and misconduct. We help organizations create administrative policies, resource materials, and an employee communication plan.
  • Identify and Develop Top Talent – TalentGuard helps you accurately identify high-potential talent within your company based on specific criteria and metrics. We will help you determine talent gaps and build strategies to build bench strength across the organization. We will create procedures, resource materials, training materials and programs, employee communications plans, and high-potential leadership development programs.

Competency Development

TalentGuard has extensive competency development, implementation and alignment expertise. Our knowledge, coupled with a comprehensive, multi-disciplined approach to talent management provides you with a standardized competency framework for achieving optimum business results and employee performance from your talent management projects. Successful integration of competency models into all of your strategic talent management initiatives and day-to-day uses of information helps optimize performance on all levels.

  • Competency Model Development – Competency model development projects are filled with pitfalls and delays. By following a systematic approach from development through implementation of the model, your efforts can stay on track. TalentGuard can implement four different competency models, including Job, Functional, Individual, and Leadership.
  • Competency Model Implementation – Competency models, when successfully implemented, can streamline and simplify operations, promoting operational excellence throughout a company. They set clear expectations and can demonstrate to all employees how they contribute to the bottom line. A successful model allows a company to be consistent in hiring criteria, job roles, expectations, and employee development. However, to do so, a competency model must be successfully implemented and integrated throughout a company.
  • Competency Alignment – We ensure that your competency models are aligned with core values, business drivers, and culture so that you achieve business value through the entire organization. Evaluating your recruiting, performance management, training, and succession planning initiatives is necessary to ensure standardization of your competency model as well as its integration and adaptation for different stages of the talent management lifecycle.
  • Job Profile and Design – We guarantee that employee job descriptions, job objectives, and job requisitions incorporate and demonstrate expected competencies. Job descriptions are crucial to competency model success because they establish set expectations and responsibilities for each and every employee’s role within the company.

Succession Planning

TalentGuard designs and implements structured succession management programs. These programs ensure continuity in the major positions and help retain and develop intellectual capital for the future, saving your organization time and money. Succession management provides the processes and tools to encourage and facilitate individual advancement while addressing the need for critical backups in any job category. Succession planning helps organizations develop appropriate bench strength, making employees ready to step into new roles with a seamless transition. We can assist with talent profiling, talent pool identification, and individualized development plans.

  • Succession Planning Talent Profiling – Succession planning projects are difficult to implement due to a lack of planning or an inability to identify and develop the right talent. TalentGuard can design a standardized talent grid that enables you to understand your workforce potential and areas of risk.
  • Talent Pool Identification – TalentGuard can identify the various employee groups within your organization and create custom development paths to ensure employees develop the right competencies for future roles.
  • Development Plans – We ensure that your succession plans are aligned with business drivers, competencies, and customized learning objectives per employee to ensure that you achieve business value through the entire organization.

Learning and Development

TalentGuard designs custom learning and development programs to improve employee and leadership performance and capabilities. We also offer core talent and career management training programs for HR professionals, managers, and staff. We provide learning and development support for the following:

  • Professional in Career Management Certification for HR
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Career Development Skills for Employees
  • Get Fit for Coaching Millennials

Assessment Design

TalentGuard will develop, test and validate customized assessments across all sectors and throughout your organization. Our team of organizational psychologists, industrial psychologists, and doctorate-level assessment experts have designed some of the most useful assessments on the market.

Talent Management Roadmap

TalentGuard can help you build your one, three and five-year strategic talent management roadmap to help you manage change within your organization.

Individual Development Plans

TalentGuard can develop customized development plans for executives and employees to prepare them for future roles and improve performance.