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Competency Management

Industry-Specific Competencies

In partnership with HRSG and IBM, TalentGuard offers the most robust ready to use library of industry-specific competencies and job profiles.  Our talent framework library is composed of 2,500 competencies and more than 3,000 job roles ready for use in our Talent Management Suite.  Our focus on iterating competencies rather than creating them saves HR time and money, and reduces risks common with rolling out competency initiatives.

TalentGuard’s competency library is organized into four categories including: Core (impact to culture and values), Leadership (impact to strategic management skills), Functional (impact to job families) and Technical (impact to the specific job role). Each job profile defines key responsibilities, job level, core competencies, functional and technical skills, interview questions, coaching tips, SMART goals and prescriptive learning suggestions.

TalentGuard’s consulting team helps you customize, control and publish job-related content that matches your skills-based workforce development strategy.

Competencies Key Features

Job Families

Our library contains jobs organized and grouped by function and industry.

Job Content

Each job role includes a title, code, description, four primary responsibilities, and 5 levels of competency proficiency.


Our competency framework contains thousands of skills across 22 industry segments.

Proficiency Descriptors

Each competency comes standard with 21 or more behavioral statements across four to five levels of proficiency. This helps set clear expectations of what good looks like in specific job roles.

Learning References 

Competencies are associate with suggested readings and training including experiential, web-based, group sessions and seminars.

Developmental Goals

Both quantitative and qualitative SMART development statements are provided to facilitate learning and development for employees.

Interview Questions

Interview questions are aligned to the competencies associated to the job role.  This enables consistent selection over time for positions.

Coaching Tips

Provides managers with recommendations on methods to improve behavior and experiences that need to be shared.

Performance Rating Writing Assistant

A politically correct and defensible library of performance comments by competency and rating scale that can be used by managers during performance evaluations.

Competency Framework Benefits

Performance Management

Ensures clear goals and expectations are aligned to the competencies and skills required of the job role.

Succession and Career Pathing

Ensures your institutional memory/DNA is repeatable, flexible and scaleable across job families and the organization.

Compensation Management

Setting best practices and consistent job focus enables you to have better control over pay-for-performance initiatives.


Align assessments to the high impact competencies required of the job role.

“Not only did TalentGuard provide us with a robust talent management system, they were able to provide us with a ready-made library of industry-specific competencies and job roles to use across our organization. It saved us hundreds of hours in the development of a competency model and we now have consistency across our talent management processes.”

-Adriana Hook – Managing Director, National Society of Career Management

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