Why the Need

Employees leave organizations for a variety of reasons but one primary reason is that there is a fundamental breakdown in the on-going relationship between the employee and his/her management, or in the company itself. A competency-based system establishes clearer communication with your employee regarding their performance, goal setting, career development and training.

With the establishment of a career-based competency solution, the dynamics of how employees engage with your company changes for you and the employee. Instead of evaluations based on numeric values and what they’ve accomplished, the measurement is now based on how employees are performing. This includes areas, such as behavior, qualifications, functional skills and work-style preferences. It also gives employees more ownership in defining their career direction.

Implementing a competency-based architecture is an essential component for your company if it’s seeking to standardize its talent management processes. Competencies will enable your organization to achieve the following:

  • Define consistent expectations for your employees
  • Establish benchmarks for job roles and responsibilities
  • Create a common talent management terminology
  • Deliver measurable employee performance results
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase employee productivity and profitability

TalentGuard’s Career Core Competencies (C3) is a powerful SaaS solution that provides all of these benefits and more. It creates a talent management foundation that is consistent, scalable and easily implemented into your organization’s existing environment.

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Implementing Your Competency Model

A competency-based model should be designed to translate the organization’s strategic business objectives into tangible actions on the part of employees. All processes and activities support the company’s main business objectives while giving employees the proficiencies necessary to meet those goals.

Many companies worry that the time and resources required to implement such a solution would be prohibitive. However, TalentGuard’s C3 delivers an unparalleled set of competencies to your organization to get the process started quickly. With C3, you have access to a library of 550 general and technical competencies and over 900 competency-based job role profiles tailored to a wide range of industries. Instead of months of implementation time, you can put a competency-based model in place in just weeks.

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