MARCH WEBINAR | FIVE SHADES OF GRADING: How Inconsistencies in Performance Reviews Cause Turnover

Employees across the board will tell you that performance reviews are a painful exercise. These outdated methods of appraising an employee’s accomplishments are an uncomfortable experience for the reviewee and the reviewer alike. One reason is that employee appraisals are subjective; managers do not always rate an employee’s performance on objective criteria. Where one manager…


The Genesis of TalentGuard: Part 1 of the TalentGuard Video Series

Linda Ginac recognized an alarming pattern of despair among corporate employees with whom she came into contact. Realizing it stemmed from a growing corporate focus on risk reduction at the expense of employee development and satisfaction, Ginac launched TalentGuard to fundamentally change the way companies develop, engage and retain their employees.

How Your Organization Can Drive Employee Engagement Through Career Pathing

When it comes to employee engagement, it’s seriously lacking in many organizations. A recent Gallup survey showed that 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged in their jobs. And the problem is not getting better. How can companies give employees the career options they need to effectively manage their careers and stay motivated in their…


Why Managers Need to Be Career Coaches

If you’re a manager trying to improve the engagement and development of your employees, career coaching is one of the best ways to make a lasting difference, not only for the employee and their career development but for the positive business value delivered to your organization as well. Research conducted by Bersin by Deloitte showed…


Dead Man Walking: The Annual Performance Review

Type “annual performance review” in Google right now. Standing in stark contrast to the paid ad at the top of the page touting the value of one vendor’s performance appraisal solution, you will find link after link to articles like Huffington Post’s “The Annual Performance Review: #FAIL”, Businessweek’s “The Annual Performance Review: Worthless Corporate Ritual”,…


The Hire That You’re Having Trouble Finding Is Just Down The Hall

Most CEOs agree that finding internal talent with the right skills to fill open positions is an on-going challenge. TalentGuard’s Talent Finder allows talent management decision-makers to: Set criteria for a specific skills, experiences, and qualifications needed by the organization for a job role, rotation, project or initiative Intelligently identify employees who are best matches…