TalentGuard Partners Program

TalentGuard partners provide the software needed to improve human capital management. By becoming an Authorized TalentGuard Partner, you can realize an expanded customer base with enhanced product offering that could result in improved revenue, profitability, and deeper customer relationships.

We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong TalentGuard partnerships. Your success is key to our success.

Human Capital Management (HCM) is at its growing stage and is expected to rise exponentially due to enhancement of technology in this sector. The market is expected to grow from $10.96 Billion to $17.49 Billion by 2019. The increasing demand of HR solutions among large enterprises as well as small business is helping the HCM market to progress with an explosive growth rate.

TalentGuard’s innovative Talent Management Software Suite is one of the fastest growing solutions in the HCM market today. Our partner strategy was designed to help businesses gain traction in various industry verticals, minimize channel conflicts and deliver the best margins for your business.

Types of TalentGuard Partnerships

Referral Partner

TalentGuard Referral Partners include firms with expertise and a successful track record in human capital management (HCM). Referral Partners introduce TalentGuard to prospective clients in exchange for a referral fee. TalentGuard is responsible for managing the customer and the relationship.

Resale Partners

TalentGuard Resellers are firms or individuals with well-established channels and customer base. Partners take on the responsibility of offering and supporting the full suite of TalentGuard solutions, as well as supporting the use of TalentGuard applications through local training, marketing, and customer service functions. By offering the SaaS-based Talent Management Suite – sold either individually or by bundling the components – you can better serve your clients through additional services that generate new and recurring revenue.

Become a Partner Today

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