International Luxury Fashion Company Case Study: Simplifying Performance Management for a Modern Fashion Workforce

An international luxury fashion house has been a client of TalentGuard since 2013. Reflecting the effortless elegance of their founder, the globally renowned label produces numerous collections from ready-to-wear styles and accessories to bridal wear and fragrances. 


The Challenge

In today’s digital age, it is necessary for a company to transition to a performance management software that is user-friendly and intuitive. Previously, the international luxury fashion company, inherited a difficult-to-use software to carry out performance appraisals that they found to be outdated, too complex, and not easily adoptable. “The assessment questions didn’t really measure employee competency. They came across more like a personality test”, the company’s HR director recalled. At the time, their appraisal process was unfocused causing an inaccuracy in the gauging of employee talent. On top of that, the system had 20+ different competency areas and dozens of competency questions within each area. The HR director concluded that it wasn’t a good match for the company, as it failed to be concise enough to thoroughly develop  employees in areas that mattered.

Understanding the intrinsic value in developing employees and acquiring a system to organize and plan this process, the company knew simplicity was key when finding a new software solution that their corporate employees could easily adopt.  


The Solution

The fashion company decided to move their performance management process to TalentGuard in 2013. They selected TalentGuard because it provided a simple solution to accurately measure core competencies, continuously develop employees, and could launch in weeks.  

“The main reason why we chose TalentGuard was because of the simplicity,” the HR director noted. TalentGuard’s software proved to be easier to navigate and more adoptable by employees than other software that were considered and used in the past. Additionally, “TalentGuard has a high-touch customer success team that was very flexible in working with us”. Understanding that every company’s specific needs and goals are different, TalentGuard provided a user-friendly system that met their needs. 


The company has conducted many cycles of their annual performance review using TalentGuard. The performance management software smooths out the appraisal process, enabling employees to capture snapshots of their work instantaneously and catalogue them accordingly. With the ability to check in often throughout the year, managers and employees can better align performance expectations and focus development on the right learning activities. In addition, the company can see which areas of the company need improvement.


The Results

With TalentGuard’s solution, the employee evaluation process for the fashion company is more organized and focused. They were able to narrow down the competency areas that are more aligned with the company objectives to create a performance assessment that better engaged employees. With fewer and more relevant competencies to measure, employees completed the assessment faster, reducing overall seat time and increasing the efficiency of the process. The new simplified process proved to be more efficient, engaging and goal-focused than ever before. 


TalentGuard bridged the gap between upper management and employees by facilitating important conversations about goals. Because the software supports an easier flow of ongoing feedback, the company’s employees are more engaged, development driven, and goal-focused. This improvement of employee performance secures the continuing success of the company. “It’s important for management to support this process because employees need to understand company objectives and we need to make sure that we’re developing our employees” the HR director stated. TalentGuard’s performance management software has made it easier and faster for the company to achieve those goals.

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Location: New York, New York

Type: Fashion & Retail

Employees: 1000+ employees

“The main reason we chose TalentGuard was because of the simplicity.”

Director of Human Resources