Erica Mims

Director of Customer Success | Customer Success

Erica Mims heads up our customer success team at TalentGuard. Under her directions aligns customer onboarding, customer operations, customer support and professional services. Her commitment to optimizing the customer experience enables better customer engagement, fosters improved collaborations and increases customer satisfaction. Erica’s nearly 20 years of experience leading, innovating and scaling client services and human capital strategies proves invaluable for business impact with long term results. Over her career she has advised Fortune 500, Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 clients in addressing complex, large-scale business transformation challenges. Her customer success principles include persistent customer engagement, deliberate customer metrics, strategic advisory and road mapping that produce immeasurable results. Prior to TalentGuard, Erica led customer success initiatives for a Utah-based HR Technology SaaS company with focus on Artificial Intelligence, Assessments and Gamification. In that role, her philanthropic passions were revealed through veteran hiring initiatives and partnerships. She successfully launched veteran ready hiring programs in partnership with the Department of Labor, Vetted Heroes and Kansas City Veterans Coalition. Erica’s enthusiastic leadership ensures the post-sales delivery of TalentGuard solutions to our customers and the success of the employees that use it.