Deere-Hitachi Case Study: Taking the Heavy Lifting Away from Performance Management

Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corporation (Deere-Hitachi) is a midsize excavator manufacturing facility located in Kernersville, NC. As a joint venture company formed in 1988 between John Deere and Hitachi, Deere-Hitachi manufactures John Deere and Hitachi brands of excavators. Their state-of-the-art facility brings together the latest in technological innovation and talents of skilled trade and professional workforce.


The Challenge

As a premier producer of excavators, Deere-Hitachi has committed itself to building a new generation of products and serving a new generation of customers. In order to continue their positioning as a market leader, Deere-Hitachi’s people systems needed to evolve as well. Deere-Hitachi was managing their performance management program using paper documentation and was looking for a way to migrate to an online process. Deere-Hitachi was also looking for a system that could incorporate a greater focus on their competency model, individual and career development for its professional employees.

With their manual solution, more onus was put on supervisors to incorporate discussions of career development rather than having one centralized system to document employees’ career development. In addition, their paper system required additional manual entry into external tracking documents for report generation.


The Solution

Deere-Hitachi’s focus on performance goals, career development and a shift to an automated solution lead them to TalentGuard. At the time, this was their first migration to an online system, and TalentGuard was able to deliver a solution that stood out amongst other choices. TalentGuard’s integrated talent management system allowed Deere-Hitachi the flexibility to add only the module that was needed and the service to gradually move their process to a SaaS solution per their level of readiness.


The Results

Since implementing TalentGuard, Deere-Hitachi has successfully moved their professional workforce from a paper-based manual process to an automated performance management solution that incorporates career development, their competency model and performance goal tracking. Employees can now more easily complete their performance reviews, with greater personal ownership and accessibility, leading to more engaged supervisor and employee performance and career development discussions. Human Resources Special Projects Lead, Colleen Foster commented that “the goal and employee development discussions are more robust this year over previous years with the new tool.” More employees than ever before are working toward achieving their development goals.

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Location: Kernersville, North Carolina

Type: Manufacturing


Employees: 800

“The goal and employee development discussions are more robust this year over previous years with the new tool.”

Colleen Foster

Special Projects Lead, Human Resources

Deer-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corporation