Skills economy and Reskilling employee

Winning in the Skills Economy

This document outlines the 5 pillars of a strategic people development program. It should help you introduce new topics into your organization and make an overall case for shifting to a competency-based approach to people development. Our goal is to explain how all the pieces fit together to deliver a differentiated approach to people development for your business and enable you to win in the skills economy.

Building Your Succession Bench Before the Trade Deadline

Effective succession planning has a lot in common with successful coaching. Like in sports, managers invest heavily in their MVPs, which ensures they know they’re valued, are actively engaged, and feeling well rewarded. But what about the bench? If your company isn’t actively engaging its second string, succession planning efforts will fall flat. This webinar will provide compelling pro-active and reactive reasons why you should build and strengthen your bench.

Preparing Your Next Generation of Leaders

Preparing Your Next Generation of Leaders focuses on creating a strategic workforce strategy for high-potentials. Two-third of companies misidentify their high-potential employees and nearly 40 percent of internal job moves made by individuals end in failure. With companies relying on high-potential employees for succession planning, identifying and developing those individuals is more important than ever.

Mistakes That Disrupt Your Succession Planning Process

This webinar, Mistakes That Disrupt Your Succession Planning Process, shares information on the common mistakes that wreak havoc on a company’s succession planning process. Succession planning is a key strategic consideration for most organizations. Who is the right talent to lead the company in the future? How will the existing leadership team identify that talent? What process is in place to ensure consistency and objectivity? While many companies have a process to select their next generation of management, few have a formalized system to attract, develop and retain high-performing employees.