The Business Risk of Unverified Skills Data

In this session, renowned researcher and author Ben Eubanks will explore what it takes to create a set of validated skills and why it is critical to share skill priorities with every employee, not just the executive team. Attendees will hear a case study of a successful strategic initiative to help cement the concepts–you will also hear about a project that failed miserably due to the lack of skills clarity in the business.

How to Build an Adaptive AI-Assisted Career Architecture

In this webinar, Linda Ginac, CEO of TalentGuard, will explore the changing talent management landscape, and will cover several discussion points across the spectrum of intelligent career architecture. She will describe how TalentGuard approaches AI so that your organization can make better workforce decisions while delivering an employee experience that improves learning and career engagement.

Skills economy and Reskilling employee

Winning in the Skills Economy

This document outlines the 5 pillars of a strategic people development program. It should help you introduce new topics into your organization and make an overall case for shifting to a competency-based approach to people development. Our goal is to explain how all the pieces fit together to deliver a differentiated approach to people development for your business and enable you to win in the skills economy.

Career Pathing as a Talent Imperative

Today’s workers have more transparency and choice of jobs than any generation before, which means retention is a critical component for employers across the globe. A variety of mechanisms have been deployed to keep people engaged at work, but research shows that one of the most valuable options of all is career management.