Read the following case studies to see how these companies are using TalentGuard to grow their business.



iVenture Solutions must meet the demands of an ever-changing IT industry and therefore must have a strong technical staff that can be promoted from within to fill a variety of departmental needs. Learn how TalentGuard helped iVenture Solutions build a strong technical team with a clear career path.

Campbell's® Soup

Campbell’s needs employees who can face the challenges its corporate reputation and demanding standards require. Learn how TalentGuard helped Campbell's Soup implement a career pathing initiative to increase employee mobility.


Sophos was doing sporadic, paper based, performance management which was tedious and ineffective. Read this case study to see how TalentGuard helped automate their performance management process.


This case study looks at how Paradigm Tax Group used TalentGuard’s Career Pathing and Succession Planning softwares to strategically hire, develop and retain a growing US-based workforce. HR’s goal was to strengthen employee engagement through strong leadership.


``Our goal is to help our talent develop and optimize their careers at Starz, while helping the company retain talent, fill skill gaps and put succession plans in for the future. TalentGuard’s Performance Management will be a cornerstone of our workforce strategy while Career Path will help employees chart a desired career track and have a common language for job roles.``

Heartland Dental

``With our rapid growth and team members dispersed across 31 states, we wanted a talent management solution that would grow with us while making it easy to implement and manage across the organization. TalentGuard’s suite of products not only met our rigorous evaluation criteria, but their seamless integration of the solution and dedication to customer support was unsurpassed.``