Conquer Your Performance Management Program

Running a successful performance review program isn’t easy. Taking it to the next level with an effective, meaningful, and ongoing performance management software process that fosters true retention and productivity is the stuff HR Heroes are made of. Many HR professionals understand that monitoring their employees ultimately builds a stronger workforce, but they don’t know how to establish a process that produces fair, actionable results in the most efficient manner possible. Linda Ginac shares 5 easy-to-implement strategies guaranteed to step-up your company’s performance management process.

Reward Performance Through Evidence-Based Compensation Planning

Performance management and compensation planning are two strategic workforce initiatives that must work in concert. In this webinar, you will learn how to retain top-performing employees, hold employees accountable for desired performance and better control costs by linking compensation directly to employee goals and objectives. Download this webinar to learn how to Reward Great Performance Through Evidence-Based Compensation Planning.

6 Steps to Improve Employee Retention

Linda Ginac discusses “6 Steps to Improve Employee Retention” and focuses on the communication strategies necessary to build a company-wide talent management mindset that will allow you to attract and retain top employees. Find out the best ways to establish a culture of employee career growth, satisfaction, and shared commitment to teamwork and company success.

Improve Employee Engagement with Career Pathing

If there is one common theme across organizations today, it’s this: employees are frustrated in their current jobs. So how can organizations find ways to reduce turnover and keep employees more motivated and engaged in their jobs? One way is through career pathing – giving employees a comprehensive career development plan that helps them visualize their career growth within the company. Career pathing provides a way for employees to take ownership of their career development and chart a map for how they will achieve their career goals. This paper provides an overview on the value of career pathing and how it can become an instrumental tool for companies to assess and develop their talent.

Get Executives Bought into Career Planning

Strengthening the relationship between employees and their companies creates highly-engaged and motivated personnel – which is good for the bottom line. Unfortunately, executives often deal with such high-level issues themselves they need reminders that corporate planning efforts must extend all the way down to the individuals that comprise the organization.